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ZED Solutions is focused on copiers, printers and other IT peripherals for all business needs and are the authorised resellers for SAMSUNG Copiers&Printers and ROWE Large Format Printers, we also carry many other major brands like Fuji Xerox to supplement your office document management solutions.

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Samsung X4250
Samsung X7400
Rowe Ecoprint
Rowe Scan


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Authorised ReSellers for Samsung, bringing you the latest technology to meet all your office document management solutions, with other major brands as well.


Rebrand? New Look? New Company? A website is a point of contact with the rest of the world, we will help you beautify and leave an impression on all visitors.


Eye in the sky, we help with all the needs. Just let us know your purpose and objective and we will settle the rest.

POS System

From Single Minimarts to Chain wide F&Bs…we have solutions to meet all your needs making you the master of your business even when you are not physically present.


We understand that every business is unique, hence we believe in customised software solutions to help your individual needs, not "off the shelf box software".


Computers, Laptop & Servers are just some of the products that we provide for our clients, just ask and we will find.


Official partners of DocuConnex and Megamart OE



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