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Vending machine


Vending Machine

  • Main Features

    • MDB & DEX standard, support all kinds of international universal standard peripherals.
    • Bill acceptor, Coin acceptor with changing.
    • Large tempered double-pane glass, shows directly, uses easily.
    • Variety of merchandise held in vending machine with high economic benefit, such as Canned, Bottled, Boxed, Bagged, etc. snack and cold drinks.
    • Intelligent Micro-computer with Data query, Statistics, Accounting, Self-diagnose.
    • Build a collective network of vending machines at any time by its networking function.
    • Cloud management & Telemetry system, 24/7 wireless monitoring vending machines at office or home with ease.
    • Variety of spiral options and adjustable tray height go with merchandise. Flexible and diversified.
    • Environmentally friendly, Refrigerator with R-134a instead of CFC, comply with international standard.
    • Stratified temperature control.
    • Power fail safeguard, Memory storage.
    • Vending with drop sensor, ensure vending success every time or refund the money.
    • Chilling time set by oneself.
    • Earth leakage protection.
    • Rigid steel body with overall foam, further efficient to keep temperature.
    • Keypad with LED light buttons, anti-explosion, dust proof, waterproof.



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Vending Machine


Technical Index

  • Standard interface: MDB, DEX
  • Dimension: H 1900mm (74.8″), W 820mm (32.3″), D 750mm(29.5″)
  • Weight: 200KG (440 lbs)
  • Column: 36 columns (depends on your merchandises)
  • Capacity: 180~320 pcs
  • Voltage: 110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
  • Payment system: Bill acceptor, Coin acceptor with changer
  • Power: 50W
  • Temperature: Normal temperature, Refrigerating 3~5°C (37~41°F)

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